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The Hand:Incredible Form,Extraordinary Function

The human hand is nothing short of incredible. It allows us to work, to touch, to tie a tie, or to catch a ball. Our hands help us to communicate and to express our emotions. From morning ‘til night, they are ever moving, and when something goes awry in their intricate anatomy, their importance to our lives is never more apparent. The Hand Service at Hospital for Special Surgery offers an unparalleled depth of expertise that encompasses a broad array of treatments for common and complex conditions. “When you consider the number of activities that require the use of our hands, any injury or disorder that compromises their function can be devastating to a career or quality of life,” says Thomas P. Sculco, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief. “Our hand specialists, through their skills in surgical interventions that include reconstruction of nerve injuries, arthroscopic repair of complex ligament tears and wrist and forearm fractures, microsurgical repair of blood vessels, and reconstruction of complex elbow injuries, are committed to giving patients every opportunity to recover optimal function so that they can resume the lifestyle they had previously.” “While our seven physicians treat conditions affecting every facet of the upper extremity,” says Scott W. Wolfe, MD, Chief of the Hand Service, each has further developed a subspecialty expertise in such areas as traumatic injuries, degenerative diseases, congenital hand disorders, vascular diseases, nerve injuries, tumors of the upper limb, and reconstruction of the elbow.”

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