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When Natalie Morales (on the cover and photo right) injured her thumb skiing, her first stop was HSS. “For somebody like me who is an athlete, but also has a strenuous job, it’s important for me to be at my physical peak. That’s why I chose HSS.” When an MRI revealed a torn ligament,  Ms. Morales was referred by Jordan D. Metzl, MD, her sports medicine physician, to hand surgeon Aaron Daluiski, MD. “Many of my colleagues have had breaks and sprains,” says Ms. Morales, news anchor of NBC News TODAY. “HSS is the go-to place for us because the quality of their care is the best in the world.” Natalie Morales and each of our patients, physicians, other health professionals, trustees, and philanthropists all share a common bond. They came to Hospital for Special Surgery for their health care, for professional advancement and personal fulfillment, and to make a difference in the lives of our patients. On the pages that follow, 14 of these individuals will tell you why.

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