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This case appears in the HSS publication Grand Rounds from HSS - Management of Complex Cases, Winter 2015 - Volume 5, Issue 3, Case 2

Case 2, presented by Robert G. Marx, MD, MSc, FRCSC, and Aaron Daluiski, MD describes a 18-year-old high school quarterback playing in his final game prior to starting his collegiate baseball career on a scholarship who was tackled in the open field. He had his left foot planted and his knee gave way. Referred for consultation by his local orthopedic surgeon one month after the injury, and generally in excellent health, the patient was 6’ 4’’ and weighed 225 pounds. MRI demonstrated obvious bi-cruciate disruption. There was avulsion of the long head of the biceps and iliotibial band. The structures of the posterior lateral corner were torn, including the fibular collateral ligament and popliteus tendon (Figure 1). The patient was taken to the operating room for anterior and posterior cruciate ligament as well as posterolateral corner reconstruction, including biceps tendon repair by one surgeon (RGM). During the same procedure, another surgeon (AD) performed neurolysis of the common peroneal nerve. The peroneal nerve was extremely scarred to the surrounding tissue and extensive, meticulous common peroneal neurolysis was performed

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