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  • Stephen Danseglio's Story

    Dear Dr. Daluiski,

    I am writing to thank you for doing such an incredible job on my son Jackson's hand surgery. As you know, the first surgery he had from another orthopedic surgeon for his broken hand, out here on LI, turned out very poorly. Even the surgeon himself said during the f...
  • Carol Hennessey's Story

    Dr. Daluiski is amazing! I had wrist fixation-- no pain after surgery and his kind efficient manner is wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Daluiski. I am so grateful he was my surgeon. His office staff is incredible too.
    Carol Hennessey
  • Carol Hennessey's Story

    I recently fell and fractured my radial bone. Dr.Daluiski agreed to see me and perform surgery to help stabilize. Dr. Daluiski is an amazing capable kind MD. I had no pain post op and was back to work in 1 week. Thank you Dr. Daluiski. I am very grateful for you excellent care.
  • Rosalie Van Cleef's Story

    I came to Dr. Daluiski at the Hospital for Special Surgery several years ago. My wrist
    was badly fractured and it was a very complex case.

    Dr. Daluiski took extraordinary care with preparation and visits prior to surgery, explaining to me each step of the way. The surgery was s...
  • Juna Bobby's Story

    Dr. Daluiski is an excellent, caring clinician. I highly recommend him.
  • Josephine Bila's Story

    Dr. Daluiski was confident in his conversations with me and I really trusted in his ability. Plus, he was really nice and the physical therapist that he closely worked with comforted me with her stories of their success with patients. Dr. Daluiski removed my scar tissue and moved my ulnar nerve to a...
  • Peter Kendall's Story

    ... And recognition must also go to Aaron Daluiski, who with professionalism and patience promised in 2014 he could repair a degenerative right wrist, worn down over so many years of hitting first serves on the tennis court and taking slap shots on the hockey rink. Today I perform both functions pai...
  • Rosalie Sendelbach's Story

    Dr. Daluiski & his team are amazing. He is a perfectionist of the highest standards. I was really scared but after his care I was completely reassured and truly felt blessed to be able to be in such good care. I cut my tendons & thought I would never be able to use my hand effectively again. I am st...
  • Rosalie Sendelbach's Story

    I had bilateral carpel tunnel surgery Feb 15, 2011 with Dr. Daluiski. Two weeks later, I was back to work, using my newly pain free hands! My family, friends & clients could not believe & were impressed with my recovery time. His highly skilled hands changed my life! Everyone at HSS was kind, caring...
  • Peter Kendall's Story

    I share my story with overwhelming appreciation and equal pride. I have been involved in competitive sports my entire life. Today, at 65, I still participate in a number of activities—tennis, skiing and ice hockey among them. And I owe it all to HSS. So thank you, Steve Haas, for giving me the con...

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