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Ian Brooks's Story

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    Many years ago I was playing hockey at Chelsea Piers in NYC when I suffered what would prove to be a chronic and painful six year elbow injury. As a defender I got tangled up and fell to the ice at the same time, the weight of the defenders body fell on my right elbow fully hyper extending and injuring my elbow. At the time of the injury I was not insured and didn't really have any options. At the time of the injury I iced my elbow, rested and took A LOT of Advil.

    I'm a very active person who loves to play hockey, golf, basketball, pretty much anything. Taking 800mg of Advil every time you play golf is not a sustainable way to live. The elbow was weak, sore and cracked all the time. I needed to do something so I finally decided to meet with a doctor and get an MRI. I went to HSS because, HSS is unanimously the best in the business.

    I actually met with Dr. Daluisk in 2017 but decided against doing the surgery because I felt I had too much going on to be out of service. When I finally decided to get the surgery done in October 2019, I realize it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I now wonder why I waited so long. I'm pretty much two weeks I feel almost 100% better than I did before. My elbow can bear weight and my range of motion has improved.

    Dr. Daluiski and Sarah are a great team! I cant thank Dr. Daluiski enough!

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