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Stephen Danseglio's Story

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    Dear Dr. Daluiski,

    I am writing to thank you for doing such an incredible job on my son Jackson's hand surgery. As you know, the first surgery he had from another orthopedic surgeon for his broken hand, out here on LI, turned out very poorly. Even the surgeon himself said during the first post-op office visit, that he 'did not like the way it came out.' My wife's jaw dropped and she and Jack left soon thereafter. We were very worried about how his hand might heal and what troubles could be caused by such a botched repair. Jack was in pain and we knew something wasn't right when we saw the x-rays showing 2 screws of different sizes pointing at each other on a 45-degeree angle as well as the break in his hand still showing just about the same significant gap.

    My wife didn't know where to turn but based on my own my past experience, I chose to inquire about hand surgeons at HSS. At first when I called HSS, we were turned down by 2 other doctors offices who said that they will not take cases to fix another surgeon's work and we were getting very frustrated and very sadly disappointed. We knew from the x-rays that this had to be fixed properly ASAP. Finally, someone at HSS recommended you. When I called your office they said that we could send in some pictures as a start and you would take a look at them. So we did. Then, not surprisingly, once you saw the x-rays, that same day, your office contacted me to tell me you had reviewed them and asked if we could come into the office for a consultation that week. Our hopes were reignited! As soon as you finished examining Jackson's hand, you asked if we could come back in a few days so that you could perform surgery to repair it.

    The surgery you performed was a great success!!! Jack's hand was 1000% better, no gaps in the broken section of the bone, and the plate you added held the sections together perfectly. No more different-sized sharp edged screws sticking out, pointing to one another, and the plate you added held the bones together nicely - it looked amazing!!! Jack was already in 75% less pain than before and it was obvious you did an absolutely phenomenal job! We were so relieved that his hand was finally repaired properly and as a result would heal faster and with far less potential complications. Since then, over the next few weeks Jacks' pain was completely gone, his hand healed rapidly and his mobility was was dramatically increased.

    My wife and I and Jack can never thank you enough for your caring attention, your sincere understanding, your amazing expertise and super-professionalism.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for repairing Jack's broken hand, and thank you for being such a wonderful human being, and an amazing surgeon!

    Steve, Renee, and Jackson Danseglio

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